Recommended Sailing Gear

My favorite life-vest

Getting the right life-vest is important, if the gear fits well and is not in the way, I will more often use it than if it is bulky and in the way of my movements. I really like this “slim fit” and that it has an automatic deployment makes me feel a little bit safer!

Make sure you try it out without a shirt on and that it doesn’t chafe too much! It’s probably also good to get a pair of extra cylinders of gas, so if you fall overboard or inflate it by accident, you can reset it even if you’re far out at sea.

Self Inflating and automatically deploying life vest

Indestructible GPS And Navigation Watch

I use this on my wrist at all times as a spare piece of GPS. It gives me speed, position, and other vital data not necessarily related to sailing. If you get it with sapphire glass it’s ridiculously hard and mine still looks like new!

Garmin Fenix 5x