YouTube Channel Gear

These are my recommended products for Youtube; everything on this list I actually have and like to use; I have tons of other stuff, but I only put stuff on this list that I truly believe can benefit someone else.


Having a solid tripod that doesnt fall apart is essential; this one does the job; it’s somewhat high but fits my needs perfectly. What you dont want to get is one of those cheap ones that does not stay where you put it.


When I switched to filming on my camera instead of my phone, the audio would sound like I was 30yards away and very echoey, I did like the pro. I got myself a lavalier mic and a standalone audio recorder. All you need to do is sync the audio with the video during the editing process. Ninja tip; tap the mic between scenes so you can easily see in the audio graph where the sync should be!

Shotgun Mic For On-Camera Mounting

If I’m doing more of a video log style type of video and I want some audio from my surroundings, I use the shotgun mic; it is a directional mic but still allows for more background sound than the lavalier mic!

Future investments