9 Best Luxury Cruising Catamarans: Buyer’s Guide

Have you decided to take the plunge and buy a catamaran? Then, why not go all out and get one of the most luxurious catamarans available. 

The best luxury catamarans include the 80 Sunreef Power Eco, the Lagoon Sixty7, the Fountaine Pajot Power 67, the Saona 47, and the Gunboat 68. Other premium cruising catamarans are the Aquila 79, the MC90, and the Catana 53.

These cruising catamarans all fall into the ‘luxury’ category thanks to their outstanding passenger amenities and impressive sailing features. They are typically larger than mid-range catamarans and can cruise at incredible speeds. This article is the complete buyer’s guide to luxury catamarans. It explores the features of some of the best luxury cruising catamarans on the market today. 

80 Sunreef Power Eco

This beautiful vessel offers luxury with a conscience. At 80 feet (24.3 meters), it is a large vessel that has been specially designed to ensure eco-friendly sailing. It was launched in 2020, designed to ensure silent, vibration-free cruising that does not disturb the ocean it cruises over.


The 80 Sunreef Power Eco has luxurious amenities that have been designed with the environment in mind. Some of the most note-worthing features of this vessel include: 

  • A solar power system that covers up to 2152.8 square feet (200 meters square feet) of the vessel allows a large amount of energy production
  • An ultralight battery bank that allows for silent cruising 
  • A watermarking and purifying water system that can create drinking water
  • Made with a variety of eco-responsible finishing materials 
  • Room for five cabins with six heads 
  • A hydraulic aft platform 


The eco-friendly features of this vessel do not compromise its sailing capability. Some of the most important specifications of this cruising catamaran are: 

  • A beam of 29.4 feet (12 meters) 
  • Four fuel tanks; two with a capacity of 1056.7 gallons (4000 liters) and two with a capacity of 1585 gallons (6000 liters) 
  • Four main engines, two with 180kW and two with 360 kW 
  • Two water tanks, each with a capacity of 211 gallons (800 liters) 

The 80 Sunreef Power eco is fully customizable if you buy it new from SunreefYachtsEco.com. You can choose from a wide range of interior design options and finishing materials. 


The Lagoon Sixty7 is a stunning vessel that has been called “a high-end Manhattan apartment on the water.” It has been designed for long-distance cruising and has been especially popular in the Asia Pacific region. At just over 66 feet (20.15 meters), it has been recognized as a vessel that allows for ‘affordable luxury.’ 


While it may be a bit more pocket-friendly than other luxury cruising catamarans, the Lagoon Sixty7 does not compromise its features. Some of the most enticing features of this vessel are: 

  • A wide, remote control operated swim platform that connects the two transforms 
  • The choice of a galley up or galley down version with a 385sqft (36sqm) saloon offering 360-degree views
  • A sunken lounge in front of the saloon offers comfortable lounging space 
  • A raised deck with room for lounging or storing furniture
  • High quality, solid joinery the offers plenty of storage space 
  • The choice between three flybridge layouts: Standard, Sunbathing, or Tribu
  • The option to choose between 4, 5, or 6 cabins with a separate cabin for crew 


The Lagoon Sixty7 also has a range of high-end sailing features that will appeal to every sailor. These include: 

  • A beam of 32.11 feet (10 meters) 
  • A draft of 3.9 feet (1.15 meters) 
  • A fuel capacity of 4 x 363 gallons (4 x 1375 litres) 
  • A water capacity of 2 x 132 gallons (2 x 500 litres) 
  • The ability to reach a maximum of 19 knots 

If you are interested in purchasing the Lagoon Sixty7 new, visit Lagoon.com. You can also check Yachtworld.com to find a used Lagoon Sixty7 to buy. 

Fountaine Pajot Power 67 

At 67 feet (20.4 meters) long, this power catamaran has lots of space that houses a range of luxurious amenities. This catamaran has received several positive industry reviews, with a particular focus on its design and its long-range sailing capability. Designed by Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, this model is the flagship of Fountaine Pajot’s motor yacht range. 


The Fountaine Pajot Power 67 is customizable; owners can choose from a range of interior designs, finishing materials, and amount of cabins. Some of the stand-out features of the Fountaine Pajot Power 67 are: 

  • A 387.5 square feet (36 square meters) cockpit that houses a galley and plenty of sunbathing spots 
  • A 344.4 square foot (32 square meters) flybridge with direct access to the saloon 
  • A foredeck with an optional jacuzzi add on 
  • The choice to include an owner’s cabin with a dressing room, a private head, and a walk-in shower 
  • Option to choose between three or four cabins in addition to the owner’s cabin 


This catamaran’s sailing specifications and prowess are equally impressive. Some of the core specs include: 

  • A beam of 32.38 feet (9.84 meters) 
  • A draft of 3.80 feet (1.15 meters) 
  • A standard power of 2 x 300 HP 
  • An optional power of 2 x 435 HP 
  • Fuel capacity of 105.6 gallons (400 litres) 
  • A freshwater capacity of 277.4 gallons (1050 liters) 

To purchase a Fountaine Pajot Power 67 new, visit FountainePajot.com. At present, there are no used versions of the Fountaine Pajot Power 67 available. 

Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 

The Saona 47 is a 45.7 feet (13.94 meters) long luxury catamaran produced by Fountaine Pajot. It is an elegant model that has been designed by Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, a team of naval architects that specialize in high-performance catamarans. It has received several industry awards for its performance. 


There are two versions of the Saona 47. The Maestro version has an owner’s suite with its bathroom, two double cabins, and two heads. Meanwhile, the Quintet version has four double cabins, one single cabin, and five heads. Other amenities and features that you will find aboard the Saona 47 include: 

  • A beach club on the rear platform 
  • A 96.9 square foot (9 square meters) lounge deck with plenty of spots for sunbathing 
  • A saloon with a galley that has premium equipment and joinery 
  • Excellent visibility from the helm 
  • A lift that can be converted into a swimming platform right above the water


Meanwhile, the sailing specifications of the Saona 47 include: 

  • A beam of 25.3 feet (7.7 meters) 
  • A draft of 3.9 feet (1.20 meters) 
  • Standard power of 2 x 50 HP and 2 x 50 CV 
  • Optional power of 2 x 60 HP and 2 x 60 CV 
  • A fuel capacity of 2 x 124 gallons (2 x 470 litres) 
  • A fresh water capacity of 2 x 92 gallons (2 x 350 litres) 

To buy a Saona 47 new, visit FountainePajot.com. To buy a used Saona 47, visit YachtWorld.com.

Gunboat 68

Gunboat catamarans are known for their ability to reach high speeds while maintaining incredible stability. Designers of the Gunboat 68 have used aerospace design technology and lightweight materials to create a stunning, high-end vessel. It has been engineered by VPLP, who are known as the fastest naval architects. 


The Gunboat 68 is 68 feet (20.75 meters) long, which allow space for a range of amenities, including: 

  • An all-carbon composite frame that makes the Gunboat super lightweight and, therefore more easy to maneuver
  • A semi-customizable layout that allows owners to put their stamp on the vessels 
  • A galley located on the bridge deck with wrap-around countertops, and an integrated gas oven 
  • An aft cockpit with the option to add on a BBQ grill, an ice maker, or a drinks fridge 
  • The opportunity to choose between four, five, or six cabins with en-suite heads 
  • A central helm that allows for easy access to the crew as well as passenger facilities 
  • Furniture in the saloon and aft cockpit can be easily detached, which will enable you to change the interior design relatively easy 


One of the most enticing sailing features of the Gunboat 68 is its speed. Depending on the wind power, it can reach up to 30 knots. Other sailing specifications of the Gunboat 68 include: 

  • A bridge deck clearance of 3.3 feet (1 meter) 
  • A fuel capacity of 2 x 100 gallons (2 x 378 litres) 
  • A water capacity of 2 x 100 gallons (2 x 378 litres) 
  • A draft up of 3.90 feet (1.20 meters) 

If you’re interested in buying the Gunboat 68 new, visit Gunboat.com. These vessels are also available second-hand – visit Yachtworld.com to see if there are any used ones available.

St Francis 50 

St Francis Catamarans produce artisanal catamarans that are customized to suit the needs of each unique owner. The St Francis 50 is the flagship catamaran of the brand and is an elegant, luxury vessel. 


Some of the most enticing features of the St Francis 50 are: 

  • A bridge deck that is 32 feet (9.8 meters) above the water reduces wave slapping 
  • A cockpit that has been designed to have extra weather protection 
  • A spacious aft deck with stairs that lead to the foredeck, creating plenty of sunbathing and walking space 
  • Four cabins with plenty of storage space 
  • Each cabin has an attached head with a shower and vanity cabinets 
  • A U-shaped galley with room for a three burden stove and lots of prep counters. The galley also has a fridge, a chest freezer, and a dish dryer.
  • A navigation station with a built-in table and drawers 
  • A built-in retractable swimming ladder 

In addition to these core features, owners can choose their own interior design elements such as countertop finishes, layouts, and wood grains. 


The St Francis 50 has an overall length of 50 feet (15.25 meters). Other sailing specifications include: 

  • A maximum beam of 26.3 feet (8 meters) 
  • A draft of 4.2 feet (1.25 meters)
  • Capacity for 232 gallons (880 litres) 
  • A total water capacity of 360 gallons (1350 liters) 
  • A bridge deck clearance of 2.8 feet (0.85 metres) 

To purchase the St Francis 50, lodge an inquiry on StFrancisCatamrans.com

Catana 53 

The Catana 53 is the latest catamaran in the Catana range of vessels. Launched in 2019, it is a 53 feet (16.2 meters) long ship packed with enticing features and luxurious amenities. Industry reviews applaud the Catana 53 for being both fast but also easy to handle. 


The Catana 53 has been designed in-house by the expert Catana team and relied on Marc Lombard as an external consultant. Noteworthy features of the Catana 53 include: 

  • An ample bridge deck clearance allows passengers to be comfortable even when the catamaran is traveling at high speeds 
  • The cockpit and the saloon are on the same level making for an extended lounge area with a relaxing day bed 
  • The saloon features an L-shaped settee that extends into the outdoor dining area, creating an open space concept 
  • Three, four, or five-cabin versions available 
  • Cabins filled with convenient features including a desk, mirrors, background LEDs, attached heads, and beautiful views of the sea beyond 
  • A large galley with an island countertop and a wine fridge 
  • Curved daggerboards that allow more room inside the hull 
  • Built with foam and carbon fiber that makes for a stable, but light vessel 
  • A built-in autopilot system, with a secondary autopilot control at the interior navigation desk 


The Catana 53’s sailing specifications make it an excellent choice for avid sailors. The specs include: 

  • A beam of 28.38 feet (8.65 meters) 
  • A draft up of 4.69 feet (1.43 meters) 
  • Engines with 2 x 60 CV or 2 x 60 HP 
  • Fuel capacity of 227 gallons (860 liters) 
  • A freshwater capacity of 211 gallons (800 liters) 

The Catana 53 is available for purchase from Catana.com

McConaghy 90

The McConaghy 90 or the MC90 is a massive catamaran. As its name suggests, it’s 90 feet (27.4 meters) long. It has been designed by Jason Ker, a designer with over 20 years of experience designing premium yachts. 


Thanks to its size, it is equipped with all the amenities you would expect to find in a luxurious home. Some of the stand-out features of the MC90 include: 

  • Space for five cabins plus separate cabin space for the crew
  • Individual seating and dining areas in the cockpit which flow into the interior areas
  • A well-equipped galley and multiple dining areas make this catamaran the perfect location for a party
  • The ability for owners to customize the interior design and the color of external design features such as the topsides, the pilothouse, and the sofas
  • Interior constructed with hand-painted surfaces and lightweight, premium wood 
  • Each catamaran has a Bureau Veritas classification for bluewater sailing 
  • Glass panels in the hulls and saloon add to the open floor plan 


The size of the MC90 does not slow her down. This catamaran can reach over 20 knots. Other necessary specifications of the MC90 include: 

  • A beam of 40.4 feet (12.3 meters)
  • An engine power of 2 x 220 HP 
  • A fuel tank capacity of 792.5 gallons (3000 liters) 
  • A freshwater capacity of 264.2 gallons (1000 liters) 

The MC90 is built on demand; register your interest on McConaghyBoats.com if you’re interested in purchasing one! 

Aquila 70 Luxury Power Catamaran 

This Aquila 70 is another large vessel that is the crowning catamaran of the Aquila range. It has carried forward some of the earlier Aquila models’ most popular features and has also included innovations based on customer feedback. 


The Aquila 70 boasts plush, versatile interiors. Some of the features of the Aquila 70 are: 

  • A large master suite with designer furnishings, intelligent appliances, and panoramic windows 
  • Aft with comfortable seating, a large beach area, and a swim ladder
  • Access to the foredeck from the flybridge creating more spaces for lounging 
  • High bridge deck clearance allows for comfortable sailing even at high speeds
  • Carbon fiber construction allowing for lightweight sailing
  • Plenty of different spaces for entertaining, including the Skydeck and the saloon 
  • Flexibility to choose between 4,5 and 6 cabins 


The Aquila 70 is a power catamaran, which means that it can travel at extremely high speeds. It can reach 27 knots when the optional engines are running. Other sailing specifications of this catamaran include: 

  • A draft of 4.8 feet (1.45 meters) 
  • A water capacity of 412 gallons (1560 liters) 
  • A fuel capacity of 1447.7 gallons (5480 liters) 
  • A draft of 4.9 feet (1.45 meters) 

The Aquia 70 is available for custom order on Aquilaboats.com.


If you are planning on buying a catamaran, why not opt for one of the most luxurious ones available? If you’re after large, impressive vessels, consider the MC90, the 80 Sunreef Power Eco, and the Gunboat 68. If you’d like a slightly smaller but equally luxurious catamaran, take your pick from the Lagoon Sixty7, the Fountaine Pajot Power 67, and the Catana 53. You may also wish to consider the St Francis 50 and the Saona 47. 

The next step in your catamaran finding journey is to contact the dealers and take a few of them out for a trial run. 



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