A Review of the Best Value Cruising Catamaran

Catamarans are one of the best cruising vessels in the world as they provide improved stability with their double hulls, reducing the risk of heeling and haphazard motion on the water. But as much as we love the appeal of a brand-new cruising catamaran, the most important thing to consider when choosing one is its value for money.

The best value cruising catamaran for under $300k is the Nautitech 47, coming first in speed, stability, performance, and overall design. However, the Manta 42 MKII and the Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi 40 are also great options. The Catana Jadimean 50 is the best value cruising catamaran over $300k.

This article will comprehensively review the best value cruising catamaran under $300k and those over $300k. I will also show you why you should buy a catamaran and what to look for when choosing one. 

Best Value Catamarans Under $300K

When looking into purchasing a catamaran, you ideally want something good looking, fast, comfortable, and that gives you value for your money. This is not a small purchase, so in this section, we’ll review the best value catamarans under $300k. 

These cats are the most advantageous in terms of respectable performance, speed, and load-carrying ability.

Nautitech 47

The 47.5 feet (14.5 m) long Nautitech is a sleek combination of comfort and speed. Its interior is not only cozy and stylish, but it’s also spacious enough to accommodate eight people or more. 

Although the Nautitech 47 is a large catamaran, it is lightweight, and its interior is not heavy or clubby. Its design has a bright modular mahogany-finish woodwork. A fixed canopy casts a shadow over the cockpit and extends beyond the bridge-deck saloon.

There are two layout designs in Nautitechs, and both versions have a port hull with two private cabins, each containing a large twin-berth. The galley is located at the aft side of the saloon, looking out to the cockpit. 

Meanwhile, the saloon has a U-shaped dining area which you can configure in various ways to meet your needs for any event or meeting. 

The Nautitech 47 has two 54 hp Volvo engines with sail drives housed under deck hatches, aft of the accommodations. These engines are the reason behind their speed which can be up to 9.2 knots, each powering forward at 3,000 rpm. 

Its water and fuel tank capacities are 237 gallons (897 L) and 116 gallons (440 L), respectively.

Its beam that ensures balance and stability is 24.9 feet (7.6 m), and with a displacement of about 24,441 lb (11,086 kg), it’s easy to maneuver with its high-powered sails.

Technical Data

Overall Length47 feet 5 in (14.5 m)
Waterline Length46 feet (14 m)
Beam Length24 feet 9 in (7.6 m)
Engine2x 54 hp
Engine DriveDiesel, V drive
Water Tank237 gallons (897 L)
Fuel Tank116 gallons (440 L).
Displacement24,441 lb (11,086 kg)

Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi 40

Compared to other catamarans, the Fountaine Lavezzi 40 is not the most beautiful. However, its innovative designs make it one of the most desired sailboats by sailors. 

One of its most notable unique features is its contoured cockpit area. The benefit of this design is that it makes the mainsheet easily accessible.

Also, the passage aft of the bench helps to prevent passengers from stepping over the cockpit coaming. 

Its saloon features cozy cushions arranged in a semi-circle for ample room when dining or spending time inside and also boasts two private cabins that can easily accommodate eight people. Each hull has two spacious and comfortable cabins and an oversized head with a shower.

It has two bathrooms, a kitchen that looks across the saloon from the galley, and comes equipped with every accessory you can think of; shower, gas stove, oven, BBQ grill, CD player, and other elements that will allow you to relax and have the best experience on your cruise.

The twin engines, which are 30 hp each, are mounted in the aft hold away from the cabins. This design helps to minimize noise and odors from the engine.

Its beam, responsible for stability, measures about 21 feet (6.4 meters), and its whole length is about 39 feet (11.89 meters). 

With its two engines, maneuverability is not a problem, and the fuel tank and water tank capacities are 66 gallons (250 L) and 148 gallons (560 L), respectively.

You can get this catamaran at a fair price, typically between $160k – $210k.

Technical Data

Overall Length39 feet (11.89 m)
Waterline Length38.1 feet (11.61 m)
Beam Length21 feet (6.4 m)
Engine Power2×30 hp
Engine DriveDiesel
Water Tank147 gal (6.4 L)
Fuel Tank66 gal (249.84 L)

Manta 42 MKII

The Manta 42 MKII has two powerful Volvo engines that are rated 30 hp on each hull. It also has a fuel tank that takes 125 gallons (473.18 L) and a water tank that holds 100 gallons (378.54 L) of water to keep the catamaran running.

It features all the necessary conveniences that you’d expect, such as bathrooms, TVs, DVD players, air conditioning vents, fans, and more.

From the galley, you can see the saloon easily, and if you need privacy, there is a retractable screen at the main cabin’s entry door. The galley is also fitted with kitchen accessories as required.

Manta 42 MKII will comfortably accommodate six people in its three cabins. The owner’s suite comes with adequate storage, a fan, a queen-size mattress, an overhead hatch, and many more features.

The Manta 42 MKII is available for purchase within a price range of $220K to $310K.

Technical Data  

Overall Length41 feet 10 in (12.75 m)
Waterline Length39 feet 8 in (12.09 m)
Beam Length21 feet (6.4 m)
Engine Power2x 30 hp
Engine DriveDiesel, Sail Drive
Water Tank100 gal (378.54 L)
Fuel Tank125 gal (473.18 L)

Best Value Catamarans Over $300K

If you have a bigger budget and are looking for something above $300k, here are several options with the best value for money.

Privilege 495

The Privilege 495 takes the definition of comfort to another level. It is probably the world’s finest cruising catamaran with unrivaled luxury, incredible stability, superb performance, and impressive durability and safety.

Once you step aboard this catamaran, you’ll immediately notice the spacious cockpit and the fine details in its design. It is built with the best materials to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean for several years.

This catamaran comes in three layout varieties: four cabins, five cabins, and the Owner’s layout, which features a prominent owner’s suite. Each design has generous cabins with plenty of handholds, light, and proper ventilation.

The Privilege 495 also has a beautiful salon, including a separate lounge and a dining area. It comes with every home essential, such as air conditioning, cooking accessories, refrigerator and freezer, generator, inverter, solar panels, and more.

The cat has two 54 HP engines which carry almost 11.3 tonnes (24,912.24 pounds) weight. Still, it effortlessly meanders around narrow ways despite its total length of over 49.2 feet (15 meters) and beam length of over 22.9 (7 meters).

It is equipped with a fuel tank of 601 liters (158.77 gallons) and a water tank of 579 liters (152.96 gallons) to supply fuel to the engine.

Its price range is between $373K and $580K.

Technical Data

Overall Length49 feet 4 inches (14.94 m 10.16 cm)
Waterline Length46 feet 5 inches (14.02 m 12.7 cm)
Beam Length24 feet 4 inches (7.32 m 10.16 cm)
Engine Power2x 55 hp
Engine DriveDiesel, Folding Propeller
Water Tank152 gal (575.38 L)

Alibi 54

The Alibi 54 was made in 2011, and it has some of the recent comfort utilities in a catamaran. 

It is pretty sizable and employs the power of two diesel Volvo engines to move it around. The engines, which are each rated 40 hp, are both inboard, sail drive engines that use three-blade propellers.

The Alibi is lightweight, and features stepped transoms and dreadnaught bows. The cat’s hulls are foam-cored and further protected with carbon fiber, particularly around the high load areas in case of impact. The rig also has plenty of carbon fiber for added strength.

This cat measures 54 feet (16.46 m) in length, its beam is 30 feet and 6 inches (9.29 m), and its waterline length is 53 feet and 10 inches (16.4 m). In essence, it is a spacious catamaran that has high-performance features and two steering wheels, each at the different hulls.

Its cockpit is large, and you can even turn it into a makeshift outdoor salon. It has a hardtop bimini to cover the cockpit and carbon fiber table with accompanying semi-circular seats for guests. It comes with other innovative features, with the hybrid-electric drives being one of the most notable.

With three cabins apart from the owner’s, the Alibi can accommodate at least six people. The cat is available in four versions, including Greenie, Stripped Out, Tailormade, and Worldfaring.

Technical Data

Overall Length54 feet (16.46 m)
Waterline Length53 feet 10 in (16.4 m)
Beam Length30 feet 6 inches (9.29 m)
Engine Power2x 40 hp
Engine DriveDiesel, Sail Drive
Water Tank2x 60 gal (227.13 L)
Fuel Tank2x 60 gal (227.13 L)

Catana Jadimean 50

Catana Jadimean is a 50 feet (15.24 meters) long spacious vessel catamaran designed to give the comfort cats are known for. In a Catana Jadimean, you can eat, walk around, and sleep with as little heeling as possible. It has a 26 feet (7.92 m) beam that ensures all these activities are possible.

The comfort this boat provides starts from the upper deck, where the saloon and galley are located. In the saloon, you’ll notice added luxury from the couches made with velvet covers. The sofas are arranged in an L shape and partially surround an oak table. 

The galley is fully equipped, and it has three double cabins, which translates to a total living capacity of six people. 

Its twin diesel engines are rated at 75 hp each and are made by Volvo to help the boat maintain a cruising speed of 7 knots. Its fuel tank capacity and water tank capacities are 860 liters (227.19 gallons) and 800 liters (211.34 gallons), respectively. 

Its price ranges between $650K to $850.

Technical Data

Overall Length50 feet (15.24 m)
Waterline Length49 feet 2 inches (14.99 m)
Beam Length26 feet (7.92 m)
Engine Power2x 75 hp
Engine DriveDiesel, Sail Drive
Water Tank211 gal (798.72 L)
Fuel Tank227 gal (859.29 L)

Lagoon Nibiru 440

The Lagoon Nibiru 440 is a catamaran that justifies its high price. It has a spacious lounge and is designed with modern and luxurious features like refrigeration, air conditioning, stereo system, microwave oven, TV, etc., in all its cabins and saloons.

It also features a flybridge that allows navigating the boat from a raised position. Its electric winches ensure more convenience when sailing.

In terms of technicalities, the Nibiru 440 has two powerful engines, each rated 54 HP, that help it maintain cruise speed and sail effortlessly through the waters. This 44-feet (13.41-meters) cruise catamaran has engines that power other boats bigger than themselves.

These engines allow it to reach a maximum speed of 10 knots and a cruising speed of 7 knots. Its navigation station comes with features such as a depth sounder, autopilot, chart plotter, GPS, and more, perfect for an angler.

Technical Data

Overall Length44.58 feet (13.59 m)
Waterline Length41.67 feet (12.7 m)
Beam Length25.17 feet (7.67 m)
Engine Power2x 54 hp
Engine DriveDiesel, Sail Drive
Water Tank240 gal (908.5 L)
Fuel Tank170 gal (643.52 L)

Why You Should Own a Cruising Catamaran

While many vessels can help you get out in the open sea, none compares to a catamaran. From their added luxury to their ample social areas, they’re perfect for family trips, fishing weekends, or parties at the marina. 

Some of the most significant benefits of owning a cruising catamaran include:

  • Enhance comfort
  • Better stability
  • Consistent speed
  • Improved maneuverability

Catamarans are designed to give you the best stability on the water, along with lots of living and storage space. Their double hulls give you more cabin and living spaces than monohulls, making them a great family-friendly option.

Let’s take a closer look at those benefits to see if a cruising catamaran is right for you.

Enhanced Comfort

Catamarans provide you with the best comfort you can get on any cruise boat. Expect a lot of living space that includes beautifully designed countertops, fridges, water makers, etc. 

This space is only possible because of its double hull layout, which is unique to this type of vessel. The two hulls are usually connected by simple webbing to create more space for you and your family. 

The layouts are usually comfortable and well-spaced to give you more headroom, and the extra hull provides more opportunities for private cabins. 

Better Stability

The most pronounced advantage of catamarans over monohulls is their stability. While monohulls are designed to balance on their keels, catamarans have a flatter bottom and broader beam. 

This design eliminates or reduces heeling, which creates a more comfortable sailing experience for those on board. 

Less tilt also means that food and drinks will stay on the table, sleeping doesn’t require a balancing act, and the deck won’t be slippery when you’re reefing in heavy weather.

Consistent Speed

Catamarans are generally 25% to 30% faster than monohulls. They typically have lesser hull volume and smaller displacement, making them glide faster and effortlessly through the waters. 

Also, they have a lesser draft than monohull boats of the same length, and with the absence of a keel, cats are lighter and easier to propel into speed than monohulls.

Improved Maneuverability

Catamarans allow for easier and more stress reduced maneuvering because they have two engines, meaning you have more control over steering your vessel in any direction.

By setting one engine forward and the other backward, you can change the cat’s direction in one move. The twin engines gives you more control, so there is little risk of the bow being pushed by the wind to the left or right.

Final Thoughts

Catamarans are the go-to cruise boats when it comes to comfort and performance. However, not all cats are made the same, and some give better value for money than others. For example, some have excellent comfort features but lack the necessary power needed, which reduces their overall appeal.

The best value catamaran should offer incredible performance, comfort, speed, great accommodation, stability, and good load-carrying ability. Based on these parameters, the best value catamaran under $300k is the Nautitech 47, while the best value catamaran above $300k is the Catana Jadimean 50. 


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