Are Gemini Catamarans Good? A Review of Popular Models!

Are you interested in Gemini Catamarans, but you aren’t sure if they are up to par? Looking for my next boat i have done some extensive research into Geminis, here’s what I found!

Gemini catamarans are great boats, depending on what you are looking for. If you want a daytime cruiser, the Freestyle 37 or the Freestyle 339 Power are great options. If you want to take longer trips, the Gemini 105Mc and the Gemini Legacy 35 are ideal due to their multiple cabin designs. 

Next, we’ll go over the new models of Gemini boats, including one older model that is still regularly sold pre-owned. We’ll also discuss each boat’s pros and cons and whether or not the boats are suitable for you and your needs. 

Types of Gemini Catamarans – Old Models

The Gemini 105Mc Design Touch was one of Gemini’s most popular models. However, it is no longer in production. While no new ones are being made, you can still buy one used. Additionally, this boat is the predecessor of the new Gemini Legacy 35, so it’s essential to understand their differences. We’ll go over this boat in detail below. 

Gemini 105Mc (Photo Gemini)

Gemini 105Mc Design Touch

This cruising catamaran has been one of the best-selling single-design cats since 1980. This isn’t surprising, considering this boat’s spacious layout and sound design. Every time you sail on this boat, you’ll feel safe and sound with its practically designed platform and kick-up rudders. While this boat is no longer being produced, many boat owners seek out used versions because of its amazing style and performance.  

Perks of the 105Mc Design Touch

Hull Design Ensures Better Performance

The hulls of this boat are slim and teardrop-shaped. This helps ensure that the drag will remain at a minimum. Additionally, the hull design allows for more leeway when you’re under sail. Even more, the hull has a kick-up centerboard which enhances the boat’s windward pointing abilities, allowing for a better sailing experience. 

Raise Rudders for Shallow Waters

Inadvertently running aground is one of boat owners’ biggest nightmares. However, with the 105Mc Design Touch, it’s unlikely you’ll ever meet this terrible fate. This catamaran has a raised rudder design, ensuring that you can smoothly cruise into waters as shallow as 2 feet (61.0 cm) without hitting the bottom. 

Low Center for Added Safety 

Most boats today have a beam that measures about 50% of the length of the ship. However, the 105Mc Design Touch is unique in that its tiny beam only measures about 40% of the boat’s length. While both beam sizes have their advantages, the shorter beam on this catamaran makes it have a low center of gravity, ensuring that it remains upright, stable, and highly safe. 

Gemini 105Mc (Photo Gemini)
Reasonably Priced 

This reliable boat is as functional as it is affordable. You won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to purchase this beauty. This is especially true if you get it used, which is your only option nowadays! 

What Are the Downsides of the 105Mc Design Touch?

Many users loved this boat and feel that it was one of Gemini’s best models yet. However, it does have a couple of flaws: 

  • It only has one head. Only having one bathroom can be incredibly inconvenient, especially if you are overnighting with several people. For a boat with three cabins, it would be nice to have another head. 
  • Its soft decks require maintenance. The decks are balsa-cored, meaning water can harm them over time. That means you’ll need to maintain the deck, especially around hatches, to keep the boat in tip-top shape. 

Specifications of the 105Mc Design Touch

  • Overall Length: 34 feet (10.4 m)
  • Beam: 14 feet (4.3 m)
  • Displacement: 9,600 lb (4354.5 kg)
  • Fuel capacity: 36 gallons (136.28 liters)
  • Water capacity: 60 gallons (227.13 liters)
  • Three cabins 
  • One head 

Is This Boat Right For Me?

The 105Mc Design Touch is a wonderful option for many people. This boat is especially great for: 

  • It’s ideal for first-time catamaran owners with its low price and safe design. 
  • Great for overnight weekend vacations with friends and family (if you can handle sharing one bathroom!) 

Types of Gemini Catamarans – New Models 

Gemini Freestyle 37 (Photo Gemini)

Gemini Freestyle 37

The Gemini Freestyle 37 has a flexible design that can accommodate your every desire. Whether you want a boat that is ideal for day-charters, family outings, or luxurious business cruises, the Freestyle has a layout for you.

Although this boat has a flexible and updated design, it still has the essence of the older Gemini 105Mc and the Legacy 35, providing you with new features you love and some of the old ones too! 

Perks of the Freestyle 37

Design is Ideal for Charters 

The Freestyle 37 has an incredibly flexible design, permitting you to set up your charter boat with all of the features you need. For example, you can choose to get this boat with a second head instead of the queen-sized cabin to accommodate “his and her” bathrooms, which is a must-have feature for most chartered tours. 

Additionally, you can alter the layout of the boat to accommodate your needs. Suppose you want to take out a large group of people to go snorkeling or sightseeing. In this case, you could arrange the deck with bench seats to fit as many people as possible. 

However, if you’d rather you use the catamaran to cater high-end parties or business excursions, then you could install chaise lounges, an outdoor galley, and a wraparound bar instead. So, no matter what kind of events you plan to hold on your catamaran, the Freestyle 37 has the perfect layout for you! 

Inexpensive Base Price

This boat has a low base price, permitting you to get the ship for a reasonable cost, then customize it based on your budget and needs. Additionally, it has a low cost of operation, which means you can actually make money from your charters instead of having to throw all of your hard earned cash right back into the boat. 

Even better, this boat allows you to easily change the furniture and outboard, ensuring that the boat always looks new and fresh without having to switch boats completely! 

Has a “Green” Version for Environmentalists 

One of this boat’s most significant advantages is that it accommodates an electric engine and solar panels, which are more environmentally friendly than diesel-run engines. Even if you aren’t an environmentalist, going green can save you money by lowering your operation cost. So, by selecting the green option, you’ll be protecting the environment and your wallet. It sounds like a win-win to me! 

Gemini Freestyle 37 open deck (Photo Gemini)

What Are the Downsides of the Freestyle 37?

While this boat is an excellent option for a lot of people, it isn’t for everyone. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of this catamaran below: 

  • Not ideal for overnight trips with more than two people. This catamaran is an incredible sunset or daytime cruiser due to its open deck plan. However, it only has one cabin that can accommodate two people, so if you’re looking for something you, your friends, and family can take a weekend getaway trip on, this isn’t the boat for you. 
  • Open design is not ideal for rough open waters. The open design of this boat is excellent for casual cruises around the bay. However, if you plan to take a trip across any serious body of water, this cat offers little protection. 

Specifications of the Freestyle 37

  • Overall Length: 38 feet (11.6 feet) 
  • Beam: 14 feet (4.3 m) 
  • Displacement: 7500 lbs (3401.9 kg)
  • Fuel capacity: 56 gallons (211.98 liters)
  • Water capacity: 60 gallons (227.13 liters)
  • One queen cabin (optional)
  • One or two heads

Is This Boat Right For Me?

This fun catamaran is an excellent choice for many sailors. We’ll go over this boats primary uses below so you can determine whether or not it’s the right choice for you: 

  • Ideal for daytime cruises. 
  • Great if you want to use it as a charter boat for sightseeing or events. 
  • Perfect if you want an open platform that gives you the ability to “freestyle.” 
  • It’s an excellent party boat with an open deck plan and seating area in the bow. 

Gemini Freestyle 339 Power

If you love to go fast, the innovative Freestyle 339 Power catamaran will give you the extra “oomph” you’ve been searching for. This boat has the original Freestyle’s stability and expansiveness but with a power-packed motor to quickly get you to your destination. If you are looking for a spacious, reliable, and speedy day cruiser, the Freestyle 339 Power is the ideal choice for you. 

Perks of the Freestyle 339

Dual Engines for a Faster Ride 

This new Freestyle design is faster than ever before. It is powered by two Suzuki DF90A motors that allow for a typical cruising speed of 15 knots or a maximum speed of 22.5 knots, even when you have seven people aboard! This speedy ride will let you get where you want to go in no time. 

Incredibly Stable Design 

Unlike the previous model, the new Freestyle 339 has stability keels positioned behind the hulls, allowing her to draw only 18 inches (45.7 cm). Even more, the bows of this boat were revamped to include extensions. This permits the cat to lift up when its power increases. These features also enhance the boat’s stability, making her steadier than ever before. 

However, don’t just take our word for it! The Catamaran Company posted a review of the Freestyle 339 on YouTube. They were astounded by how smooth the ride was even when the boat faced choppy waves, an outward current, and wake from a passing ship. To check out this review for yourself, click the link below:

Versatile and Roomy 

The Freestyle 339’s helm is positioned in the front and center of the boat, giving you more space in your cockpit than in the previous model. This will provide you with plenty of room so you can invite all of your friends and loved ones on board your vessel for a day of boating fun. 

Additionally, the front of the vessel has two large bench seats where you and all of your friends can relax and enjoy the view. It also has an easy pop-out coffee table where you can enjoy a morning cup of jo or rest your drinks in the evening time. 

What Are the Downsides of the Freestyle 339?

Below, we’ll go over some of the potential downsides of the Freestyle 339: 

  • It’s entirely motor-powered. If you love traditional catamarans with both sails and motors, this may not be the boat for you. The freestyle 339 is solely a power cat, with no sailing option available. 
  • Not ideal for long trips. This catamaran only has one cabin and one head, making it great for daytime cruises but not ideal for more extended vacations unless just two people are traveling. Additionally, the boat doesn’t have a real shower. Instead, you have to use the extendable sink in the head to rinse off. This is fine for short trips but unideal for longer excursions. 

Specifications of the Freestyle 339 

  • Overall length: 41 feet (12.5 m) 
  • Hull beam: 14 feet (4.3 m) 
  • Displacement: 10,000 lbs (4535.9 kg) when loaded 
  • Fuel capacity: 56 gallons (211.98 liters)
  • Water capacity: 60 gallons (227.13 liters)
  • One optional cabin 
  • Twin Suzuki 90 HP Outboards (larger 115 Suzuki engines available)

Is This Boat Right For Me?

This boat is perfect for some uses but not so ideal for others. We’ll go over the ideal functions of this boat so you can determine whether or not it’s the right choice for you: 

  • Perfect for daytime cruising. 
  • Ideal if you enjoy the look of a catamaran but the power of a motorboat. 
  • It’s a great “party boat” due to the open and customizable design. 
Gemini Legacy 35 (photo Gemini)

Gemini Legacy 35

This family-friendly cruising catamaran is stylish yet affordable. It is also effortless to maneuver, permitting you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. With its 34 inch (86.4 cm) draft, it’ll be easy for you to pull this boat close to your favorite beaches. 

Perks of the Legacy 35 

Provides a Stable Sailing Experience 

The Legacy 35 provides a level ride with little to no heeling. The steering and twin rudders are smooth and easily adjustable as you move across the water. 

Affordable Price 

The Legacy 35 is approximately the same price as a mid-sized monohull, yet it has an interior space that is larger than that of most 40 foot (12.2 m) monohulls, making it a great bargain. So, if you want catamaran space for monohull costs, the Legacy 35 is a perfect choice.  

Gemini Legacy 35 (photo Gemini)
Reasonably Sized Beam 

This small 14 foot (4.3 m) beam makes the boat easy to move anywhere in the country. No special accommodations are required. Similarly, hauling the boat out of the water is a breeze since all you’ll need is a standard travel lift. Even better, you can keep this cat in a standard-sized slip, saving you time and money looking for a larger one. 

Different Layout Options Depending on Your Needs 

This boat traditionally comes with three cabins and one head. The head is located in the aft hull, and the owner’s cabin is located in the front, fitted with a queen-sized bed. However, if this layout doesn’t suit your fancy, you also have the option of getting a boat with two cabins and two heads. This layout would have a queen bed in the front of the ship and a double bed in the back. 

What Are the Downsides of the Legacy 35?

  • Some users think it’s too heavy. Some Gemini boaters felt the Legacy 35 gained too much weight compared to its predecessor, the 105Mc Design Touch. They didn’t like how the added weight caused the boat to drag. 
  • The boat needs another winch at the helm station. According to sailor Mark Pillsbury, the Legacy 35 would be better if it had another winch at the helm station, making tacks easier. 

Specifications of the Legacy 35  

  • Overall Length: 35 feet (11.0 m)
  • Beam: 14 feet (4.3 m)
  • Displacement: 9,800 lbs (4445.2 kg)
  • Fuel capacity: 56 gallons (211.98 liters)
  • Water capacity: 60 gallons (227.13 liters)
  • Up to three cabins 
  • Up to two heads 

Is This Boat Right For Me?

The Legacy 35 is roomy and affordable, making it an excellent option for many boaters. Let’s discuss exactly what this boat is best for below: 

  • It’s ideal for weekend trips due to its multi-cabin design. 
  • It’s an affordable option for first-time catamaran owners. 

Are Gemini Catamarans Right For You?

Gemini catamarans are safe, stable, and reasonably priced, making them ideal for beginners. 

The Gemini Freestyle 37 and Freestyle 339 Power are highly versatile, making them perfect for families, charter boats, or luxurious cruises. Users love these boats’ versatility and stability.

The Gemini 105Mc Design Touch and Legacy 35 are also great day cruisers. However, their additional cabins make them ideal for longer excursions as well. These boats are safe, easy to maneuver, and stable, making them perfect for family vacations. 

While these are great boats, they aren’t for everyone. If you’re in the market for a luxury catamaran with all of the bells and whistles, then Gemini cats likely won’t satisfy your needs. Similarly, these boats tend to be better for shorter sails than long-term sabbaticals. So, if you plan to sail around the world in your catamaran, you may want to choose a different brand. 

Final Thoughts 

Gemini catamarans are safe, stable, and reasonably priced, making them great all-around boats. Their freestyle line is ideal for day cruises or to be used as “party boats” due to their customizable design. Their Design Touch and Legacy boats can be used as cruisers or for extended vacations, depending on your needs. All around, these are fabulous boats worth looking into! 


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